Studio ···  Riga Technical University summer school
Project Location
··· Cesis, Latvia
Year ··· Aug 2016
Team ··· Craig Ross, Hilly Murrell, Jennifer Aitken, Jonah Maxted, Konrad Weka, Luīze Rukšāne, Mirela Purim, Ruby Sleigh, Signe Pelne, Tara Bewley, Vineeta Mudunuri and Yulia Ratushnyak
Tutors ··· Niklāvs Paegle, Theodore Molloy, Thomas Randall–Page

Night Train

We were interested in how a relatively small structure can signify and be part of larger process of change in the built environment. The project aims to provide a link between the brewery site and the people of the town by spanning dramatic level changes and industrial ruins across the boundary wall of the brewery itself to a public park on the other side.

The design involves a train inspired event-pavilion in a former brewery at Cesis,Latvia. It is seen as both a guiding light and party host. The structure has been made entirely of locally sourced Latvian Pine. The structure was designed and fabricated by the team members from the inception and assembled on site.

The structure enables four stages for this event infrastructure:
Table Lamp : A visual magnet drawing people from the entrace to the brewery.
Beacon : Illuminates the massive brick chimney.
Stage : Illuminates a larger area.
Lantern : Floods light into the castle park.

The usage of light played an important role in lighting up the neighbourhood during the night and behaving as a beacon. Conceptually light was considered as a key factor which could transform and and affect places far beyond what could be physically achieved in the given time frame.

Three main parts of the fabrication process, with locally sourced Latvian Pine wood were:
Levelling and foundation
Bridge fabrication
Carriage fabrication

The carriage was lifted and assembled through manpower.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles