I currently practice as an architectural project manager in New York.  My interests lie in sustainable materiality, restoration, environmental performance, and fabrication.

I am a licensed architect from India and a graduate of the MS Architecture program from Pratt Institute, New York. I’m a recipient of the PRAX_IS Innovation Incubator Award for the term 2022-2023, funded by the IDC Foundation and supported by Pratt Institute. I’m conducting research to develop ecological building material literacy among students and users by using design and community engagement as drivers. I had explored the topics of multi-species design, sustainable materiality, and inclusive design during my academic career.  

When I’m not designing or making things, I can be found discovering new music and making spotify playlists. I love to read, paint, and take long walks in my neighborhood.  I enjoy doing yoga, running, or dancing.

I would love to get in touch and collaborate with fellow designers, feel free to write to me at vineetamudunuri@gmail.com