Studio ···  Freelance Architecture project
Project Location
··· Visakhapatnam, India
Year ··· Aug 2019 - Dec 2020
Scope of work ··· Concept development, design drawings
· Demolishion drawings and construction drawings
· Structural stability testing with consultants and extension of slabs
· Electrical, lighting, elevator and false ceiling drawings
· Woodwork drawings for carpentry work and supervision on site

Sri Nivasam

Sri Nivasam is a labor of love, which is a home designed and executed for my family. My parents purchased a fifteen year old building with plans to demolish it and build a new structure. After identifying the structural strength of the building, we decided to demolish only the non-load bearing walls and accommodate their needs in the top two floors. Minimal interior changes have been done to the bottom two floors and are rented out as two individual units. The top two floors have been converted into a single duplex unit with access to a private terrace. The flooring, ceilings and all interior finishes have been redone as per design. The teak wood from the old building has been reclaimed to make doors and furniture for the new house.

Before - Living Room                                                                            After - Flexible Living Area

Before - Apartment Entry                                          After - Internal circulation core for the duplex unit

During - Slab extension                                                 Elevation work in progress

Demolition in progress

Experimenting with flooring finishes to highlight the natural variations in Kota Stone.

Natural variations of the kota stone have been expressed by varying the flooring grid from common to private areas. Patterns on the flooring have been created by inserting white grout as a joinery between green kota stone slabs.

Filler Slab constructed at the rooftop level using fired clay pots

Sliding doors made from reclaimed wood create a flexible separation between living and meditation areas

Entrance foyer
2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles