Studio ··· Digital Workshop
Year ··· Aug 2020
Tutors ··· Alicia Lazzaroni, Antonio Bernacchi (Animali Domestici Studio based in Aarhus and Bangkok)

Tropical Saturated Landscapes

Tropical Saturated Landscapes is a virtual workshop conducted by Animali Domestici, organised by Doma Non-School based in Thailand. The workshop aimed to collectively reflect about new forms of multi-species coexistence, engaging with urban natural/artificial spaces, through fiction and storytelling techniques. It began with an exercise in studying animals along the water edge in Visakhapatnam’s beach. By using Photogrammetry, the rock-habitats of snails and crustaceans have been digitized. A commentary about their habitats is raised by modeling a trash island that sweeps into the city. A compressed plastic waste rock syatem is then proposed to deal with the plastic waste. The rocks are sealed and coated with sand and rock mixtures to mimic the now polluted natural habitats of the sea animals. The combined model from the workshop participants has been built in Blender and a virtual reality walkthrough has been done using the Sansar engine. The workshop outcome is now being compiled and published by Non-School in February 2022.

Through photogrammetry of natural rock formations at the Visakhapatnam beach, a 3d rock model has been created in Blender software. A narrative about a ‘trash island’ that sweeps into the city has been created. By using this premise, plastic rocks of the future have been modelled and developed. This is an exercise in using sepculative storytelling to explore new synthetic habitats for species. The intent of the project is to raise awareness about the materials that choke our environment and then, come up with solutions to deal with waste, instead of casting it away.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles